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Treasures hidden in the sea

Due to the clarity, temperature and calm of the water that surrounds it, Formentera is the perfect place for scuba diving. Whether for a first ‘dive baptism’, a guided dive or a complete diving course, the island offers an outstanding environment for lovers of this sport. A perfect combination of sandy seabeds, rocky walls, caves, cracks and some sunken ship make up an underwater landscape full of colors and varied marine fauna. With oxygen bottles or a simple snorkel mask, those interested in knowing what is hidden under the transparent water can enjoy contemplating sponges, false corals and posidonia meadows, as well as octopi, common snooks, cuttlefish, groupers or swift schools of barracudas The most fortunate can even encounter one of these delicate seahorses. Numerous establishments offer the services you need to enjoy this mysterious world. Qualified professionals using the most modern equipment will accompany the neophytes on their first dive or provide rental equipment to the more experienced divers.